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6 Things to make or buy for your dog this Christmas –

6 Things to make or buy for your dog this Christmas

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6 Things to make or buy for your dog this Christmas

Families are sending cards and making plans to get together after months of not meeting at all. Housewives are frantically surfing the web in search of the holy grail of Turkey roasts. Uncles and fathers are trying to fit their dad bods in last year’s Santa costume in an attempt to entertain the younger family members. It’s the season to be jolly! It’s Christmas time!

Rover might not really be understanding what’s going on. However, we can do our bit to help our dogs share our Christmas spirit in a way that they understand.

Dog Bed

Christmas time in the upper hemisphere can be really cold. We humans like nothing more than to crawl into our cosy beds when it is very cold. Some dogs are no strangers to this behaviour as they too like to cuddle and curl up in a fluffy ball and sleep all day in such weather. If you have one of those dogs, we are pretty sure that they will be over the moon if they wake up the next morning and find a super soft, comfortable dog bed close to the heating unit … that is unless it’s not already occupied by the cat.

Dog Collar

Did your dog’s collar see better days? Although it is doubtful that your dog will really have much of a fashion sense, we’re pretty sure that a new, high quality, leather collar will get him that forever wanted extra attention. A new high quality collar would also fit him comfortably; something we’re sure he will greatly appreciate during walks.


If there is anything that everyone knows dogs are really excited about, its food. A dog that doesn’t like to eat seems to be the exception to the rule. Therefore, head to the closest pet store and get your dog some treats from a high quality brand. Not that the dog won’t appreciate cheaper treats, but sometimes we buy stuff more for our gratification rather than for the person receiving the gift. Most pet store owners don’t see a peak in their sales during Christmas season if they don’t sell animals. Buying something a bit expensive from their store will surely give them some Christmas cheer.

Cooking a dog friendly meal

We’ve all had to endure our dog’s intense stare burning through our backs as we sat down to peacefully eat a sandwich. The sensation of being stared at while eating has become so familiar we actually need it for habit’s sake. If you know that you’re the kind of owner not to buckle under your dog’s insistent begging, you might want to make one exception to the rule and treat your dog with a home-made, dog friendly Christmas meal. Consult your Veterinarian about any ingredients that you might use to prepare your dog’s Christmas dinner.

Dog coat and shoes

The cold in some countries might even make the most adventurous dogs to think twice before deciding to venture outside. A dog coat and dog boots for these temperature sensitive dogs is a must. These items will not only keep your dog comfortable when outside, but also make sure that the cold does not harm your dog. Frostbite is a serious issue and can harm your dog’s extremities like their ears, tail, nose and feet.

Dog puzzles

Dogs, like children, love to be entertained. If they’re not entertaining themselves somehow, they’re going to pester you to provide them with that much needed attention. Investing into some well thought out, good quality dog toys will be a mutually beneficial investment; your dog is keeping itself occupied and you are left in peace to savour a good book or your favourite series. To further pique your dog’s interest some puzzle toys have compartments where you can put food. These compartments can be opened by dog as it gradually solves the puzzle.