An Introduction to the Team

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An Introduction to the Team

Welcome to Our Team would like you to know a bit more about us. We’re a varied group from all over the world, with different skills and passions of our own. What we have in common is our love of dogs.

Let’s meet the Team (or is ‘Pack’ a more appropriate word for this crew of dog lovers?)


Ani: Meet’s founder Ani. She’s a born animal lover, and of course a big dog lover. Her goal is to provide healthy and ethically bred puppies to people around the world, and to promote ethical dog breeders. Ani plans on getting two dogs for her little girl: one from a top breeder and the other from a dog shelter. There’s only one dilemma: which breed to choose?

Strategic Partner

Laszlo: Laszlo is a champion dog breeder and has been breeding German Shepherds for the last 35 years. He’s a certified judge, and his own kennel, Vierheimi, has won international competitions. Laszlo has years of experience with exporting and delivering dogs all over the world.

Breed Consultant

Feri: Feri is our leading breed consultant, and works closely with’s breeders to help find the best and healthiest puppies. Feri has always bred dogs. Currently he runs an English Bulldog breeding kennel, though he also have three children to keep him busy!

Dog Trainer

Tamas: Tamas is an experienced dog trainer who has worked with many so-called problem dogs, as well as training guard dogs. His humane dog training methods make him a perfect fit for the team. In his free time, he and his wife run a dog shelter. Tamas has a young son, and a pack of four very well behaved Boxers.


Dr Batki: Dr Batki has run his own clinic for over 40 years. In his own words, he has treated “far too many” dogs! He enjoys using his skill to examine prospective New Doggies to make sure they are all in the best of health. Dr Batki currently owns a Hungarian Kuvasz, and has had dogs for as long as he can remember.

Live Animal Delivery Expert

Marci: Marci is developing’s GPS delivery follow-up software to enhance customer communication. Coming from a family that bred German Shepherds, Marci appreciates the anxiety that many customers feel waiting for their new puppy to arrive. His software will help our customers to know exactly where their New Doggy is at all times as they wait for him or her to arrive.

Marketing and US Operations

Piros:  Piros is our Operation Manager of North America and Marketing Strategist. If needs marketing, Piros will put her expertise to the task. Piros adores animals, in part due to her father’s love of animals. She’s now using New Doggy’s services to find her own New Doggy.

Tami: Originally from Oklahoma, USA, Tami is’s Customer Service Executive and Marketing Assistant of North-America. She’s an expert in the field, having 20 years of experience in customer service. She learned about the loyalty of animals from her elders, Tami has always had a pet of some kind, and has rescued many dogs (and cats too). She currently lives in Port Orange, Florida, with her “four humans”, a newly-adopted kitten, and an English Bulldog.


Ati: Ati is our IT expert. He’s also a great animal lover. He grew up surrounded by animals thanks to his veterinarian father, and has always owned dogs (though in an attempt to annoy the rest of the team, he now owns a cat).

Content Writers

We’re all students from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest. We use our insight into animal health and behaviour to share information, give advice, or just to entertain you with various doggy trivia.

Anthony: Originally hailing from Florida, USA, animals have always been a big part of Anthony’s life. He’s grown up always having a dog in his home, though right now his lease contract prevents from keeping a dog – hopefully this will change soon!

Liz: Originally from Malta, Liz is a vet student who loves horse riding and drawing. Although when in Malta she is surrounded by a colony of feral cats that she looks after, Liz hopes to adopt a dog some day: hopefully a Saluki, a Shiba Inu, or a German Shepherd (though any big, cute dog would do!).

Corey: Much like his canine friends Corey loves good food and the great outdoors. Right now he lives in Budapest (far from his native Malta), and owns a German Short Haired Pointer and a small mixed breed dog that he adopted from Hungary.