Author - Corey Farrugia

March 2018

February 2018

Does my dog have a stone in its bladder

Does my dog have a stone in its bladder?

Being a veterinary student, I had the privilege to shadow a veterinarian in my home town this summer. In a clinic one gets to observe a lot of interesting cases. I was surprised to see a large number of urolith cases; not a week went by without seeing a number of patients suffering from such problems. Uroliths are more commonly known as kidney and bladder stones.

September 2017

My dog stopped eating and drinking

My dog stopped eating and drinking

Just like parents with young children, dog owners revel in watching their dogs enjoy their food. After all that is what dogs are supposedly meant to do. Dogs are notorious for having a big appetite. They are also well known for eating anything just about edible, and even the unthinkable. It is therefore, very reasonable to get worried when a dog suddenly stops eating, drinking, or abstains from both. Why...
Help my dog cannot stand up

Help my dog cannot stand up!

You wake up in the morning to the usual routine. Tethering on the brink of consciousness for thirty minutes, you constantly choose to procrastinate the inevitable task to face your day by smashing the snooze button on your bedside alarm clock three times in a row. Finally you get out of bed. Something is off but you can’t really put your finger on it. Like a robot you shower,...

August 2017