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the history of beagle

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The History of Beagle | Tricolored Friend

The Beagle is a small dog breed, typically tricoloured with patches of black, brown, and white, with floppy ears and soulful eyes. The Beagle’s ancestors may have been dogs from as far back as the 5th century BC. The Ancient Greek writer Xenophon mentioned similar hounds in his writing. Although quite unlike the modern dogs, as they tended to be very small and have more pointed noses, Beagles thrived...
why do you need a dog

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Why do you need a dog?

Dogs: man’s best friend, our loving loyal companions for centuries. Humans and dogs have a long history of companionship. Dogs have helped us, working as loyal guardians, herders, companions, guides, and more, though today many dogs have luxurious lives as cherished pets. Many dog lovers want a dog in their lives, but we may also NEED dogs in our lives.
10 best dog breeds for children

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10 Best Dog Breeds for Children – Let Us Help to Decide

There are many factors that will help you choose the ideal dog for your family, such as how much time you have to look after one or how much space you have. However, you should also consider a dog breed known for being child friendly. Here are some of the top ten dog breeds that are great for kids.