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history of the boston terrier

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History of the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very popular breed. It’s easy to see why: they’re cute, friendly, and intelligent. Their small size means that they are just as happy in an apartment as in a villa, and they get on with just about everyone. You would never suspect that this charming little dog started out as a fearsome fighter!
10 best dog breeds for children

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10 Best Dog Breeds for Children – Let Us Help to Decide

There are many factors that will help you choose the ideal dog for your family, such as how much time you have to look after one or how much space you have. However, you should also consider a dog breed known for being child friendly. Here are some of the top ten dog breeds that are great for kids.
how to pick the right puppy

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How to pick the right puppy?

So you’ve done all your research, chosen your preferred breed, and found a responsible and ethical breeder. You’ve made an appointment, and now you’re at the breeder’s house to see some puppies. In front of you is the mother dog and her litter of beautiful puppies. Some are snoozing, some are playing, and some are watching you curiously. They’re all lovely. So how to pick the right puppy?