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The History of French Bulldog

Bat-eared but beautiful: meet the French Bulldog, nicknamed the Frenchie - c’est magnifique! These little dogs are smaller than their English bulldog cousins, making them an ideal lapdog size, though they are still stocky little dogs with some of the same wrinkling seen in English bulldogs. The French Bulldog owes a lot to the English Bulldog. While the latter was bred for the bloody and dangerous sport of bullbaiting, the...
french bulldog right for me

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Is a French Bulldog the right dog for me?

The French Bulldog came to be because of a need for cultural re-appropriation. A ban on bullbaiting put most of the bulldogs in England out of work. Due to this lack of purpose, bulldog breeders realized that the bulldog would be lost if its function could not be changed from a bull baiting dog into a companion dog.
why do you need a dog

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Why do you need a dog?

Dogs: man’s best friend, our loving loyal companions for centuries. Humans and dogs have a long history of companionship. Dogs have helped us, working as loyal guardians, herders, companions, guides, and more, though today many dogs have luxurious lives as cherished pets. Many dog lovers want a dog in their lives, but we may also NEED dogs in our lives.