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CAT – Blog – Labrador Retriever –

CAT – Blog – Labrador Retriever

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get a labrador retriever

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Why you should get a Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a typical family pet, a beloved hunting dog, and an invaluable working dog. Since the breed was established in the 19th century, they have gone on to win over many people with their many good qualities. Here we look at the reasons why you should get a Labrador Retriever.
history of the labrador retriever

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History of the Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is perhaps the quintessential pet dog, and is it any wonder? This breed has a lot going for it: its gentleness and friendliness, combined with intelligence and beauty. The qualities have led the Labrador Retriever to excel in many fields. They make great assistance and therapy dogs, excel in search and rescue and detection work, and of course make excellent pets.
10 best dog breeds for children

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10 Best Dog Breeds for Children – Let Us Help to Decide

There are many factors that will help you choose the ideal dog for your family, such as how much time you have to look after one or how much space you have. However, you should also consider a dog breed known for being child friendly. Here are some of the top ten dog breeds that are great for kids.