CAT – Snapshot – Welsh Corgi

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About Welsh Corgi

Small but tough, this herding dog has proven to be also make a wonderful pet. These little dogs are athletic and smart, and a great pet for anyone who loves long walks (Corgis need a lot of exercise) and doesn’t mind the Corgi’s tendency to bark at every opportunity.

Two separate breeds of Welsh Corgi are recognised: the Pembroke and the Cardigan. Both the Pembroke and the Cardigan Corgi are short-legged, standing low to the ground, but lacking the extra-long body of the Dachshund. Both breeds have foxy heads, with large, upright, triangular ears.. The Cardigan on the whole is larger than the Pembroke, and has a heavier build. The Pembroke is a little smaller, with a shorter tail than the Cardigan. There is a tendency to breed for bob tails, but Corgis sometimes are born with short curly tails.