What to consider when buying a puppy in Bahrain

What to consider when buying a puppy in Bahrain

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What to consider when buying a puppy in Bahrain

Do you live in Bahrain and do you love dogs? If so, you might be thinking about getting a dog of your own. We’ve compiled some advice for dog lovers in Bahrain who are looking to get a canine companion.

Important Import Regulations

Bahrain is a Middle Eastern country, made up of over 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf. If you come to live in this coastal country with your dog, or buy a dog from abroad, you’ll need to check the various import regulations.  It may be difficult to find a local dog breeder, and many people opt to buy a dog from a reputable breeder abroad.

The rules on importing animals are quite strict, and it’s best to be familiar with them so as to avoid problems later. It could be useful to consult your embassy in Bahrain for additional advice. Be aware that, as of June 2017, no pet travel to or from Qatar is allowed.

In Bahrain, all domestic dogs (including service dogs and emotional support animals) need to be micro-chipped. The microchip should be an ISO 11784/11785 pet microchip, 15 digit and non-encrypted. If your dog has a microchip that is not ISO 11784 compliant, then you can bring your own microchip scanner.

You’ll also need an import permit for your pet to enter Bahrain. The permit will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Vital Vaccinations

Your dog will need up to date vaccines against canine distemper, rabies, Parvo, hepatitis, and Leptospira. These vaccines must be given not less than 30 days and not more than one year before entering Bahrain.

If you are entering from a rabies-free country then a rabies titre test is not needed. If you are bringing the dog from a rabies-controlled or high-rabies country, then a rabies titre is needed no sooner than 21 days after the primary vaccination. Your dog will also need to be examined at quarantine on arrival.

The process is a little more complicated for puppies. Your puppy will need all the above vaccines twice: one when they are two months old, and another dose two or three weeks later. A titre can be done 21 days after the second vaccination.

Health Certificate

After your dog has received all the necessary vaccines, he or she will need a health certificate. Your vet will need to complete the health certificate for Bahrain within 10 days of travel. The vet must be qualified and registered with an appropriate government agency; this agency must also endorse the dog’s health certificate.

You’ll also need to make sure that your dog is treated against parasites. This treatment against internal and external parasites must be done just before the trip.

Arriving by Air

Air travel is probably the easiest way to bring your dog into Bahrain. It’s also mandatory for imported pets to arrive at Bahrain International Airport in Muharraq as air cargo. On arrival your dog will be examined to make sure he or she has no diseases that can spread to humans. If there is any doubt, a veterinarian will be called in (at your expense).

Banned breeds

Bahrain does not have a published list of banned breeds.

Local Regulations

You should definitely familiarise yourself with any local regulations concerns dogs and dog keeping.

Many rental properties do not allow pets, so finding a home can be difficult. Consult with the landlord or property manager before you commit to renting a property. Apartments and houses in Bahrain might be smaller than what your dog is used to, and the scorching summer heat means your dog will have to spend a lot of time inside. Walk your dog in the early morning and evening to help him/her use up some energy, and you can play with your dog or give them interesting toys during the rest of the day.

Pet care

Once you and your dog have made yourselves at home in Bahrain, it’s time to seek various doggy services, such as dog trainers, groomers, and veterinary clinics. You can ask other expats for their opinions and experiences, but we will mention a few of the most popular services in Bahrain.

If you are looking for a dog trainer, Bed and Biscuits is one of the most popular services. They provide professional dog training, obedience training, and animal behaviourists to help you with your dog. Bed and Biscuits also provides dog grooming, a dog hotel, and pet relocation services. Saar Kennels and Delmon Kennels also offer dog training.

Saar Kennels is the first modern cattery and kennel in Bahrain, established in 1998. Apart from training, boarding kennels, and pet relocation, they also sell pet supplies. Delmon Kennels offers similar services, as well as doggy day care, a treadmill, and a HydroPool.

The Bahrain Veterinary Centre offers healthcare to all sorts of animals, including dogs. The clinic also has its own laboratory and pharmacy.

Animal Care Clinic, in Hamala, provides a full complement of veterinary care for your pet. The clinic also has an in-house laboratory and pharmacy.

Dr. Nonie Coutts Veterinary Surgery, established in 1981, is an animal hospital that provides a huge range of services. They also have a pet shop and sell pet food.