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lifetime puppyness guarantee
Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee
Health Guarantee
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Airline Approved Crate
ISO Microchip
Health Certificate
Up to date Vaccination
Certified Services
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Product Description's note

Is this pup even real? We don’t blame you if you feel you need to poke her to make sure she’s not a plush toy! Those beady eyes and smooth, shiny hair just melts our hearts. We’re sure we’re not the only ones suffering palpitations just by looking at this pup. If you have a healthy heart, and even healthier dog parenting skills [puppy_name] is the right dog for you. Be kind, yet disciplined with [puppy_name], and you will be rewarded with the best dog one could possibly ask for.

[puppy_name] is 100% purebred, top quality [breed], who will come to you with up to date vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, and with our 10 year Health and Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee.

[puppy_name]’s breeder is a certified European expert who breeds only [breed] puppies. has audited very thorougly [puppy_name]’s kennel before contracting [puppy_name]’s breeder. All [breed] puppies for sale coming from [puppy_name]’s breeder are top quality and healthy. Please read the testimonials of our former customers in our Reviews and References section or ask us about a happy [breed] customer nearby you. not only markets the cutest puppies and dogs available from qualified and ethical breeders, but also makes sure that [breed] puppies on sale are in good mental and physical health. If you opt for [puppy_name], you will also be supporting less fortunate dogs as NewDoggy’com supports dog shelters.

We all know how difficult it is to find a trusted breeder and check puppies, especially if there are no [breed] breeders in your neighbourhood. Let us do all the hassle part of the puppy selection process, which may be very bureaucratic and complicated. If you choose us you don’t need to worry about the paperwork, health checks, etc. because we will take care of everything up until [puppy_name]’s arrival. If you need to do something locally we will provide very precise and clear guidelines on what to do. also has contracted vet partners visiting our breeders and performing health checks on our puppies regularly, reporting the results directly to us. You only have to enjoy our weekly video and photo updates about your gorgeous puppy while we are in 24/7 touch with you.  Even after [puppy_name]’s arrival we will be there to advise if anything comes up.

When it comes to travel, we will make sure that [puppy_name], as all of our dogs, travels with the World’s most trusted airlines, who are not only very reliable but provide the best care of the puppies travelling with them. Buy [puppy_name], this charming [breed] puppy from the World’s most ethical online dog enterprise, enjoy the companionship of [puppy_name], and get to know what we call ‘Pure Puppyness’.

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