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Is good quality dog food really that expensive –

Is good quality dog food really that expensive

Why investing in a good quality brand will not only save you time, but also money

Should I feed my dog a good quality formulated diet?

To cook or not to cook. The millennial’s dilemma. Do we have time to cook? Do we have the energy? Do we really want to spend that little time we’re allowed out of our daily rat race pondering our next culinary excursion?

Aren’t these the questions we ask ourselves every time we find ourselves with our belly against the kitchen counter? Nowadays, some people barely have time to fix themselves a decent meal, and all too often people either just eat out, heat a microwavable meal or cook themselves an unhealthy quick fix meal like a plate of pasta brimming with carbohydrates. For some it is only rarely that they decide to go the extra mile and cook themselves a proper, hearty dinner that soothes their souls.

Since fixing a meal can be hectic, it’s no wonder that formulated dog diets have found a place in most dog owning households. Preparing a home-made meal for your dogs at home requires both knowledge and time; both things that the majority of people do not have much of at their disposal.

Cooking vs buying

When preparing a meal for your dog it is understandable to feel that you are walking in a minefield. Which ingredients should I use? One does not only have to keep in mind that some everyday ingredients are toxic to our dogs, but one must also keep in mind to maintain a balanced diet in order to make sure that what you are feeding your dog meets it’s nutritional requirements. If you truly desire and insist on feeding your dog home-made meals, please do not hesitate from making an appointment with your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist in order to discuss and understand the feat you decided to take onto yourself and avoid falling into any pitfalls.

If, like most dog owners, you barely have the time to cook a meal for yourself, there still is the option of formulated dog diets. One must, however, take some things into consideration. Good formulated dog diets do not need to be extremely expensive to be good for your dog. The rule of thumb usually is that it is best for dog diets to have beef, fish, lamb or poultry as their first listed ingredient; followed by animal by products; and then plant products such as grains. This is not because plant products are inferior, harmful or needed any less than ingredients of animal origin, but because meat and animal by products usually retain more moisture and therefore need to occupy a higher proportion in the diet in order for the required nutrients to be of adequate concentration and for the whole diet to be balanced.

The expenses

Having considered all the above, some dog owners still feel that a formulated diet is not for them. This is because they feel that a large sack of good quality dog food does not come cheap. They also think that they can feed the dog better and cheaper by whipping up something quick in their kitchens. However, they do not take in consideration how much, the small everyday expenses, feeding their dog a home-made meal is costing them in the long run. A large sack of good quality dog food might cost the average owner some 50 USD. This isn’t a lump sum to scoff at; but when one considers that one such sack can feed a medium sized dog for approximately a month, feeding such a dog won’t cost more than that daily cup of coffee that most insist on buying before work. It will also, in most cases, be cheaper than feeding your dog home cooked meals every day. These formulated diets are also prepared to cater for different life-stages, breeds and numerous health conditions. Doesn’t it therefore make more sense to ease your mind and invest in such a diet? A good balanced diet will also save you a lot of money on dental check-ups, poop bags, unsavoury doggy odours and will also help as a preventative measure to reduce, as much as possible, any future visits to the veterinary clinic.

As the old adage goes – “You are what you eat.” Don’t skimp on your dog’s diet. Your dog will thank you for it and it’s not as costly as it seems anyway.

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