Join to the Doggy side

Why joining the doggy Empire isn’t so bad

Join to the Doggy side

Lying on your back in bed, staring at the ceiling for what feels like hours. Your apartment hasn’t quite felt this empty in quite a while. There’s nothing to look forward to on your way home from work – and at least there, there is some company. Or maybe you’re a wife or husband with two children and no one in the family seems to have the time or energy to put the time into that unspoken understanding that you seem to be craving.

To both people I’d say, “Despair not!”

Whether you’re the first guy, reaching out for your phone and desperately boarding on the disappointment train that’s Tinder; or a bored husband splashing out some hard earned cash on a beginner bee keeping set that won’t get beyond half way through its assembly, maybe you should consider getting a dog?!

You might ask “why a dog?” Why not a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Why not a new hobby? I’d answer back: How did your last ten attempts at internet romance turn out? How far and how long have you managed to keep up the last hobby that you invested in at a whim?

Want to make a meaningful difference? Taking the responsibility to take care of a dog brings out the good qualities in most people and allows us to give our life a certain routine. Dogs are not usually very complicated individuals. Although they too might have issues, these issues do not usually get in the way of loving and giving attention to those people that seem to care about them the most. Therefore if you feel lonely and misunderstood, owning a dog will give you that much desired emotional understanding and respite that you have been craving taking your neediness off other people’s shoulders and allowing them to interact more comfortably with you.

Caring for a dog though is not without its challenges. If you feel unable to care for the basic needs of a dog, please do not throw yourself into dog ownership. However, rising up to the challenges of dog ownership is a rewarding experience. Not only will you learn many lessons on the responsibilities of taking care of something or someone but you will get a lot of unconditional love in return. A well looked after dog also communicates to surrounding people that you are a responsible, caring individual; something that is very attractive to everyone who wants to be an integral part of your life. In the context of a family, a new dog, like the birth of a new child, might help bring the family together and open new bridges of communication. Taking specific responsibility of and occupying your time with your dog will also give your spouse a break from your neediness and give them enough space to feel rested and to want to interact with you in a more level, less frustrating context.

Owning a dog is also good for your health. Dogs are creatures of habit. They thrive when they have some uniformity to their days. This might sound boring, but routine is good for you. Routine helps with dealing with impulsiveness and helps you manage your time better. Taking your dog on a daily walk is an integral part of such routines. Including a long daily walk in your routine not only helps you deal with time management and gives a structure to your life, but also helps you keep active – an important aspect in keeping you physically and mentally healthy.

Dogs are also very social beings. It is important for dogs to meet other dogs and new people. This will help you expand your social circle and enrich your circle of friends. Dogs are good conversation starters as their wild antics and funny quirks are something that no one ever got tired of hearing about. Having an enriching social life is something important to every individual and it’s something that should not only be reserved to their dogs. Owning a dog also gives the impression that you at least have your life together to a point where you not only take care of yourself, but that you are also able to take care of another living being. People are inherently attracted to people that do not shy away from responsibility, be it if they are looking for friendship or if they are looking for a potential relationship.

Owning a dog is the best thing that happened to a lot of people. Dogs are loyal, and love unconditionally. They’re also handy alarm systems and most will defend you with their life. They aren’t very needy except for the most obvious of needs. Despite all that, it is very important to be committed to the decision of owning a dog. Owning a dog doesn’t come without its own problems. Make sure that you are willing to stick through some difficulties that you might come across in the relationship with your dog. Other than that … may the dog be with you!

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