Puppy for Sale With Military Discount

Puppy for Sale with Military Discount

We know that those who serve in the military are very special people. You spend months away from your normal homes, serving your country and protecting others. NewDoggy.com would like to honour your service by offering you our great puppies for sale with a Military Discount.

What is better than a lovely new puppy to help you while away from your home?

NewDoggy.com is offering puppies for sale with Military Discount. The discount is USD 200 wherever you are in the World. You may order your puppy with Socialization Training and many other services as well.

How to apply for the Military Discount?

If you are interested in this discount, please fill out our contact form. Please indicate which breed you are interested in, and where would you like your puppy delivered to. At a later stage, we may ask for proof of your status as a member of the military.

As soon as you inquiry is in, our dedicated team will contact you. If we cannot offer the right puppy for sale with Military Discount, our breed relation expert will contact our wide panel of breeders and check which puppies are, or will be, available. In most of the cases, we will find the desired puppy within a few days or weeks. Once we located your puppy, we can start working on the delivery. When your future canine companion is old enough, he or she will be shipped to you. We deliver puppies throughout the world, and we will have no problem sending your puppy to where you are now.

Available Puppies

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Key features of our puppies for sale with Military Discount

Each puppy is fully vaccinated , microchipped, vet checked  and come with our unuque 10 Year Health Guarantee and our Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee. All our services are ISO certified.

We are proud to help people serving for the US Military and helping them live the amazing experience of being a puppy owner.