Socialization Training

If you are looking for a puppy who is already socialized then the best way to proceed is to opt for a puppy for sale with socialization training at If you buy a puppy who had his or her puppy socialization training she will come toilet and leash trained and started his or her obeisance training.

What is socialisation?

Socialisation is a process where puppies learn about the world around them, and how to live in it. In their first few months of life, puppies will learn to cope with all sorts of new situations, such as meeting new people or going to the vet.

Why is puppy socialization training Important?

Socialisation is what makes a puppy into a good “canine citizen”. Socialisation training teaches a puppy good manners, such as not jumping up on people or knowing where to pee. It also helps establish a daily routine for the dog. Proper socialisation training will help a puppy grow up to be polite, calm, and confident. A lack of socialisation training often leads to an anxious or overly boisterous dog that lacks even basic manners.

What socialisation services does offer? socialization training is a personalized training service. This service is simple to use: the customer first fills out the socialization training questionnaire and submits it to the website. Based on the answers to this questionnaire, our trainer will create a training programme that is perfectly customised to the customer’s needs. Our customer’s chosen puppy will then move to the home of our professional dog trainer, who will implement the training programme for this puppy. Once your puppy is ready with socialisation training, he or she will be ready to come and live with you. Keep in mind that you will need to continue your puppy’s basic training and socialisation as they grow up, but our trainer will provide you with instructions, and you can always contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What our training service always covers?*

Our training service always covers:

  • Toilet training
  • Leash Training
  • Making pup used to the new name given by new owner
  • Basic commands: sit, come, down, stay, NO
  • Living with other animals

Our trainer can also provide the following training for your puppy:

  • respecting restricted or “off limits” areas in the home (for example, the bedroom, the sofa etc.)
  • travelling in car
  • using public transport
  • being in crowded areas
  • climbing stairs

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Regular updates

During the training customers will get video updates on their pup’s training and can follow the progress of their new puppies.

Training Summary

Once the training is finished the trainer prepares a Training Summary in which you may read about your pup’s nature, progress in training, diet and suggestions on handling the puppy and continuing his or her training.

*Socialization training is an optional extra service for extra charge. Please contact us for further information.