Resolutions you made that your dog will love you for keeping

Resolutions you made that your dog will love

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Resolutions you made that your dog will love you for keeping

It’s one thing making a new year’s resolution and another thing keeping it. Although it’s normal for one to lose motivation as the weeks roll by, it often helps to think that we are not the only ones that can benefit from sticking to our guns and bettering ourselves.  Among the people that stand to benefit from our mission of self-improvement are our dogs.

Here are a few examples of resolutions that our dogs stand to benefit from.

Stop smoking

Stopping smoking is not only good for us but also good for other living beings and our environment. People often stop smoking because of a new partner or when expecting a child. What they fail to see is that dogs are also common victims of second hand smoke. Autopsies reveal that dogs belonging to smokers often have unhealthy lungs and suffer from a number of respiratory and neoplastic (cancer) diseases that plague them throughout their short lives.

Eat out less often

Our lives nowadays feel like a rat race and we spend most of it behind office desks at our work places. For dog owners, staying at home and fixing themselves a decent meal not only allows us to wind down from our frantic lives but also allows us to spend more time with our dogs. Eating out less often also saves a lot of money; money which can be spent on better quality pet products that can greatly improve our dog’s quality of life.

Exercise more

Exercising more has a lot of health benefits. Exercising makes us healthier and also helps us feel better and more confident about ourselves. Feeling better about yourself will help you less irritable and allows you to be more tolerable and understanding of your dog’s behaviour. Exercising outdoors also allows you to include your dog in your exercise routine; something that your dog will most likely thrill your dog.

Eat healthy

Taking care of what exactly goes into your body is the most important aspect of staying healthy. It may be difficult to reign in bad eating habits as these are often fuelled through a number of frustrations and dissatisfactions in one’s life. However eating healthy is the most effective way of controlling one’s weight and general wellbeing. Being more conscious of your diet might also drive you to research more about your dog’s diet. This is very important for the modern dog as obesity and other related diseases (ex. Diabetes) are becoming a common problem.

Socialize more

Socializing more will help you build self-confidence. Communication is a skill that needs to be honed through practice. Having successful interactions with other human beings will make you feel better about yourself and more validated. Your dog will appreciate your increasingly cheery disposition, and being the suck ups that they are, will adore the prospect of having more people to get showered with attention from.

Stick to stability

Be it a relationship, be it residence … stability is something that everyone in their right mind should wish for. However some characters seem to seek divergence and chaos for all the wrong reasons just because they get a kick from it. Knowning this about oneself is the first step to tackling this destructive behaviour; knowning that this behaviour is not only harming yourself but also harming your dog and the people you most care about is the second. Constant change will lead to a certain lack of fulfilment on your part and also leads to confusion in your dog. Stability also provides your dog with the comfort it needs through familiarity while you are not around.

Explore and get to know your surroundings

The world is your oyster and one should not be afraid or hesitant to explore it. So put you hiking boots on and explore every nook and cranny of your town and city and get to know it like the back of your hand. You will be surprised as to how much there is to learn about a place. Have your dog tag along to share your excitement of finding new interesting places.