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January 2018

history of english bulldog

The History of English Bulldog

The history of English Bulldog: they were originally developed in the 1600s for bull baiting: a blood sport in which a bull was tied to a metal pole or placed in a small pit, and dogs were set on the bull. The precursors of our modern English bulldog had little in common with today’s bulldog. They had more in common with Mastiffs and Pitbull terriers in shape.

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history of rottweiler

History of the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler: big and muscular, imposing yet calm. This dog looks like a typical guard dog that should be sitting in a yard wearing a spiked collar and barking at strangers. However, the Rottweiler has a very interesting history. While they are sometimes used as guard dogs, they are much more versatile than you might expect.

July 2016


The History of Saluki

The ancient Saluki, sometimes called the Gazelle Hound, has been hunting in the deserts of the Maghreb and the Middle East for thousands of years. Today this noble sight hound is still used for hunting, but has also found a place in the agility world and as a beloved and devoted pet.

June 2016