The Storm of a Lifetime: Snoopy’s Personal Tail

The Storm of a Lifetime: Snoopy’s Personal Tail

Hurricane Matthew has wreaked devastation along the coast of North and South America, leading to massive evacuation. Man’s best friend has also been caught up in the chaos of this disaster. Pets everywhere have either been evacuated, or left behind to face the hurricane.

Luckily, today’s story has a happy ending. We introduce you to Snoopy (formerly named Noel): New Doggy’s first dog in Florida.

Snoopy arrived in Florida in September, and his new family happily welcomed him into his new home. Snoopy’s new best friend was to be Nina, the family’s 14 year old German Shepherd. She and Snoopy soon became almost inseparable. Snoopy soon fitted in perfectly, cuddling and resting on his new family’s lap, or dashing around the house and garden.

When Hurricane Matthew hit, the family was evacuated, along with Snoopy and Nina. This was Snoopy’s first hurricane, and he was nervous and shy. Nina, the older dog, helped Snoopy cope with the changes. Together, Snoopy’s new family weathered the hurricane.

After the hurricane had passed, Snoopy’s family could go home. Snoopy’s family knew he was fine the moment they saw him chasing all the balls in the backyard, and tucking into a hearty meal. Now Snoopy and his family are settling back into normal life – as normal as life can be after a hurricane, at any rate!