Famous Dogs

April 2018

Dogs of the “Titanic”

Dogs of the “Titanic”

The RMS Titanic sank on 15th April, 1912. This disaster led to the loss of over 1500 human lives, but also several animal lives. There were various animals aboard the Titanic before the ship sank, including chickens, cats (including the official ship’s cat, Jenny), and several dogs.

Togo: Hero of Nome

In 1925, things seemed bleak for the Alaskan town of Nome. The town’s people, especially the children, were sick with the deadly illness diphtheria. The town’s supply of antitoxin was depleted, and the port was closed for the winter, making a new delivery difficult. The 1925 Nome diphtheria epidemic gave rise to a bold plan: a sled dog relay. Sled dog teams and their mushers raced tirelessly across the...

February 2018

Eight Below The Real Story

Eight Below: The Real Story

In 2006, Disney released “Eight Below”, a film that tells the story of a pack of abandoned sled dogs and their struggle to survive the hostile Antarctic landscape. What you may not know is that this film is based on the Japanese film “Antarctica” (1983), and that both of these films are based on the true story of the ill-fated 1958 Japanese expedition to Antarctica.

January 2018



In Ancient Egypt, many animals were considered sacred. Most of the Egyptian gods had animal heads, including the god of the afterlife, Anubis. Anubis had a canine head and so has sometimes been nicknamed the dog god of Ancient Egypt. Dog or not? Although Anubis’ head is definitely canine, not everyone agrees what type of canine it is. In Ancient Egyptian art, he usually has black fur; this colour represented life...

October 2017

famous dogs Gelert


If you visit Wales, you may come to the village of Beddgelert. Not far from the shores of the Glaslyn is a stone grave. The grave is devoted to the memory of Gelert and is inscribed with both Welsh and English text that tells the story of this Welsh hero.Gelert was a hunting hound who belonged to the Welsh Prince Llywelyn the Great (Llywelyn ap Iorwerth). In the 13th...

August 2017

gabe the dog

How to memefy your dog?

It’s been some time now but for those who are not really meme aficionados here comes a sad piece of old news. Gabe the dog died. For most it might have gone under the radar but Gabe died on the 20th of January this year. You might be asking yourselves who’s Gabe the dog?

May 2017

September 2016

August 2016

June 2016

Famous Dog, Fido: an Example of Fidelity

Fido started his as a stray puppy, wandering the streets of Luco di Migello in Tuscany, Italy. Carlo Soriani worked in a brick kiln in the town of Borgo San Lorenzo. One winter evening, the two crossed paths. Soriani came across the pup as he returned from work on a cold November night in 1941. Fido was lying in a ditch: injured, alone, unwanted, yelping in pain. Carlo Soriani...
Hachiko | New Doggy


The real Hachi, also called Hachiko, was an Akita who lived in Japan in the 1920s. He belonged to Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, who worked in the agricultural department of the University of Tokyo. Every day, Hachiko and his master walked to Shibuya train station, where Professor Ueno left for work, and every day, Hachiko was there to meet the Professor as he returned from work in the afternoon.