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June 2024

Why Do Cats Love Boxes

"If it fits, I sits" If you love cats (or if you’ve been on the internet at least once) you’ll know that they love boxes. You’ll be keenly aware of this if you’re a cat owner who just lovingly bought their cat a wonderful cat-tree and basket combination only to discover that your cat is much more interested in the cardboard container. Whether cats are hiding in them, snoozing in them...

Harness Training Your Cat

A taste of the wild Sometimes it’s better for your cat to live indoors, as you reduce the chance of your cat going missing, getting hurt, or killing the local wildlife. But many cats long for a taste of the outdoors. Even if they have a home full of cat trees, cat grass, toys, and faithful humans to play with, they may sit at the window staring at the world outside,...

Litter training your cat

No more dirty deeds! An indoor cat must learn to use the litter box. The alternative means a filthy and highly unhygienic house: definitely unacceptable. Fortunately, most cats and kittens actually prefer to use a litter box and take to it readily, so litter training should be fairly easy for you and your kitty. Start small If you start teaching them to use it when they are kittens, they will want to keep...

Cats and Dogs: Can they get along?

Eternal enemies? We think not! Fighting like cats and dogs: a common expression used to describe people who just don’t get along. And indeed, it often seems like cats and dogs just can’t get along. Dogs chasing cats up trees, cats lashing out at curious dogs’ noses and hissing: everything from “Tom and Jerry” to the children’s film “Cats and Dogs” suggests that for these two species, it’s hate at first...

Why Cats Love Catnip

Cats are obligate carnivores: they have to eat meat and meat-based food to stay healthy. On occasion, they do nibble various grasses and plants. One plant that cats are famously fond of is Cat Mint, also called Catnip. They’ll eat it, paw at it, roll in it, jump on it: anything seems to go! So just why are cats so fond of this plant? Nepeta cataria Cat Mint, known in Latin as...

The Responsible Cat Owners Guide

Message So you’ve set your heart on getting a cat or kitten. Good choice! Cats make fantastic pets. Cats can be cute, funny, and affectionate pets, and are so adaptable that they can live just about anywhere. Maybe you’ve never had a cat before, or perhaps you remember your parents fluffy old cat from your childhood. Whatever the case, you should still keep in mind that a pet cat is a big...

September 2023

Ancient Cat Breeds

Cats have been our companions for thousands of years, their presence intertwined with human history and civilization. In this collection, we delve into the world of ancient cat breeds, each with its unique history, origins, and distinct personalities. These feline heritage treasures have left their paw prints on the sands of time.     Ancient Kittens for Sale: 1.Egyptian Mau: The Egyptian Mau, as the name suggests, has roots in ancient Egypt, dating back more...

March 2023

cat show/exhibition - showing breed standard

What are the International Feline Associations?

To support breed development, international feline associations create guidelines for care, feeding, and behavioural and physical standards for each breed. Exhibitions are crucial events where licensed experts evaluate various factors and award top participants with quality certificates. These events test both kittens and adult cats. Pedigree registries are responsible for managing documentation, verifying pedigrees, and maintaining breeding standards. They work alongside breeders worldwide, register new kennels, and provide necessary information...
hypoallergenic kittens for sale

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Do you have a cat allergy? Do not fret, you're not alone. It is estimated that 10 - 20% of the human population is allergic to cats. That is twice as common as dog allergy! Being hypoallergenic, in true sense means “ not having any allergens.” Sadly, there are no true hypoallergenic cat breeds. However, for all those looking for a friendly feline companion there are an array of minimal...
cats for kids

The Top 10 Cat Breeds for a Family with Kids

Like with other pets, the cat with the right temperament can not only be a great addition to your family, but your child’s new best friend! The best cats for kids are affectionate, gentle and patient. Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University suggests that "Children raised with pets often demonstrate well-balanced emotional health benefits such as greater empathy, cognitive development and greater social participation." But before bringing home a...

February 2023

cat essentials, cat in cat tower

The Top 6 Cat Essentials

Getting a cat is exciting, you are earning a wonderful companion! That being said, you will also be responsible for your kitten's well-being. To help you figure it all out, we have created this list with the absolute cat essentials you will need to provide. Food The gold standard will be to give your cat wet food. Cats are obligate carnivores, this means that their diet has to be based on animal...
cat sitting on a couch, before getting a cat

What you need to know before getting a cat

Cats are great company, making them the second most popular pet in the world. Likeable as they are, there are some things you need to know before getting a cat.  They come in so many different shapes, sizes and personalities, there is a perfect cat for all! All cats are different, even the ones born in the same litter! Their behavior depends on their inherent personality and early socialization. Some...
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In case you plan to breed your cat or participate in cat shows, it is necessary to transfer your cat’s original registered pedigree to a cat fancier organisation in your country. We provide you with the option to export your cat’s pedigree which you can present to your feline club to obtain a local registration.

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